Dutch theme park, Efteling, has released details of a new dive coaster it plans to open in summer 2015.

Baron 1898 is a richly-themed thrill ride that takes visitors back to the 19th Century Dutch mining industry.

Visitors assume the role of mineworkers and experience a 37.5m freefall down a mineshaft at a speed exceeding 90km per hour.

The arrival of the new attraction forms part of the first phase of Efteling's targeted growth up to 2020.

"There are three clear reasons why Efteling has chosen for a dive coaster," said Fons Jurgens, chairman and CEO of Efteling. "In order to achieve the projected growth, an expansion of our current range of attractions is necessary.

"Within the extended family target group, on which Efteling normally focuses, there is room for an attraction specifically targeted at teenagers," Jurgens added.

"Finally, a dive coaster is an exciting and unusual thrill ride in Europe, which continues to set Efteling apart from other leading European theme parks."

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