Gardaland Resort announces the building of a second, wholly themed Hotel with 100 rooms and a scenic restaurant.

Gardaland announces an important project for 2016: the building of a second, wholly themed hotel that will expand the offer of the Resort and will join the existing Gardaland Hotel as a new structure for hospitality and catering.It is a pretty hefty investment: an impressive 25 million Euro for the new Gardaland Adventure Hotel, commissioned by Gardaland - part of the Merlin Entertainments International Group – to welcome guests starting from June 2016.

The new structure will be made of two different pavilions: the first one will be completely devoted to rooms while the second one will house the restaurant along with other rooms. The two buildings will be accompanied by a structure boasting great scenic impact, made to serve as a reception. In the new Hotel every room will be themed, with settings that will be inspired by the different worlds of adventure present inside the Park.

There will be 100 very spacious rooms, inspired by four different themes, to keep experiencing at Gardaland Adventure Hotel the emotion of an unforgettable adventure also during relax hours: from the jungle to the wild west, from the arctic, among ice and mammoths, to Arabian atmospheres that look out of "One thousand and one nights". Jungle Adventure, Wild West Adventure, Arctic Adventure and Arabian Adventure: names chosen in reference to the themes developed inside the rooms, promising all-round explorations within the "adventure" paths of the Park and beyond!A really special experience will be offered by the setting of the restaurant, which will have a unique and original "taste", with walls and columns narrating the history of Ancient Egypt. Evocative right from the name, the Tutankhamon Restaurant will offer its Guests the opportunity to dine among the ruins of an old temple, immersed in a captivating Egyptian adventure that will accompany them throughout the dinner.

Gardaland Adventure Hotel is truly a very important project, born from the need to welcome the increasing number of tourists – both Italian and foreign - who choose Gardaland and the Garda Lake area as a destination for short holidays or for a long weekend. "Day-long visits still represent 70% of the entries to the Park, but our desire is to become a touristic destination for short stays, increasing the number of hotel bookings" affirms Aldo Maria Vigevani, Amministratore Delegato (CEO) of Gardaland - "And for this reason we have decided to expand our hotel offer with new accommodation, with the aim of intercepting new public". "The current size of the Park and of Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium, the fantastic experiences that the whole Resort offers" continues Aldo Maria Vigevani "are an open invitation to stay for a few days in an area that also offers mild climate and a relaxing natural scenery."

The Garda Lake is indeed one of the only tourist destinations in Italy to have registered, in the last few years, continuous growth, reaching approximately 4.5 million presences; the Italian tourist market sees the Garda Lake as its favourite destination for long weekends. 70% of stays at the Garda Lake is represented by foreign tourists, who spend in this area medium-to-long holidays. In the past few years visits from abroad have increased to the point that 30% of Guests come from overseas.

The biggest contingents come from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and England, but several are the visitors arriving from Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia and Israel. And to support this big influx of arrivals from abroad, Gardaland Resort is developing new collaborations with the main Tour Operators of the various European Countries; this makes it possible to be present in most travel agencies across the border, presented as the number 1 destination for amusement in Italy."Gardaland is not just Italy's number 1 Theme Park but also one of the greatest Amusements Parks in Europe and one of the most important structures of the Merlin Entertainments Group; we strongly believe in the potential that Gardaland Resort offers both to the Italian and foreign market", concludes Aldo Maria Vigevani.

Gardaland – celebrating its 40 years this past 19th of July – has welcomed 80 million visitors since 1975. The Park was recently reconfirmed at the top of the 2015 Traveller's Choice Awards ranking, the prize awarded by Tripadvisor – the greatest travel website in the world – to the most popular locations among its users. Gardaland ranked first among Amusement Parks in Italy and 5th in Europe.