READ UNTIL THE END because there are two facts about Red Force that maybe you didn't know, specially if you haven't visited the park yet.

I prefer to write an article because this would be too large for an opinion in this website and any other. Without further do, this was my day and my impressions:

I woke up at 5 AM after sleeping for 4 hours, with a mix of emotions ranging among illusion, impatience, concern for paying the entry to Ferrari Land and finding Red Force out of service the whole day, and partially blind as I could hardly open my eyes at that time. I arranged my backpack with my camera, cables and that boring shit and at 6 AM I was heading out to my local train station. I took a train from my city to Barcelona Sants, and from there to Port Aventura, arriving at 9:19 AM ahead of schedule (I remember getting there at 9:35 many times).

As I walk the uphill towards to famous bridge I see Red Force with its three giant shields and the Thrill Towers for the first time with my own eyes. I had a smile for ear to ear, even to the point that I looked kinda dumb.

The security guards asked me to open the backpack and also the interior of my vegan leather jacket. That happened twice: at the Woody plaza as I call it (because there's a woody figure spinning in the middle of a fountain) and when I was scanning the ticket to access Port Aventura Park after paying the ticket (60€). After that, I made up a plan for the morning as I expected the main park to be a bit more packed than it turned out to be in the afternoon.

So I enter at 9:30 AM and I run straight to Furious Baco, for nothing because there was nobody. Well that's not actually true, when I was walking up the outdoor stairs, the ones next to the express queue, I saw an animal hiding behind the bushes that you find to your right as you walk up. As I was getting close to the the indoor part of the queue, I saw the animal coming out and it stops, staring at me, and he runs towards the Furious Baco's In-Line Twist as soon as I moved a muscle. It was a rabbit. I asked myself, what the hell is a rabbit doing in Port Aventura?. It's a super random thing but I find it kinda funny.

I was the first one in the queue until 9:50 PM and funny fact, I smashed my foot like crazy with a decoration barrel trying to sit on the wooden fence. When it opened I got in the first row, exterior right seat. It was rougher than I remembered it to be still enjoyable.

As soon as I got out the coaster I was heading to Ferrari Land through the mediterranean entrance. I only cared about riding Red Force so I completely ignored the dancers that you see a few meters away from the entrance with Ferrari yellow flags. I didn't have to make any queue in Red Force, it was a walk on, so I get to the station and surprise, I got to try it for the first time in the first row. There was only one train working due to the low influx of people. The first weekend of opening you had to leave everything in the lockers outside which were 1€ each time. Now you can leave your bags, glasses and everything to the staff at the other side of the station and you pick them up when you get down. I have to say they give you some safety goggles which are very comfortable but dirty as fuck. Immediately after getting down I run to queue line again because everything happened so fast I couldn't barely register it. The second time was in the last row in the right. You get a considerable amount of vibration, specially after getting to the end of the acceleration but hey I'm used to Stampida, compared to that it was a walk in the park. A cool thing about the last row is the your whole body gets ejected out of the seat when it leans down at the Top Hat and if you are lucky enough to have some space between you and the lapbar, it feels like falling standing up as only your feet touch the train. AMAZING in every sense. I gotta say this time the waiting time was about 2 minutes.

I really liked the fact that they play cinematic music all the time at the station. It makes the experience a hell of a lot more epic.

The third time the queue got to the start

of the final straight path that leads to the station. Just about where the last covered zone ends. I've heard one of the girls that worked there screaming "UNOOO" (ONE) and jump to the queue on the right side thinking it was the express one, but no further from the truth, it was the single rider line. It's not indicated with any sign yet, starting at the end of the last covered part where it splits, being the left side for the group queue and the right side for the single riders. I was beyond amazed because someone commented in the Spanish version of the site that there was no single rider queue. As no one new, it was always empty, meaning a 0 minute wait all the time.

Then I decided to view the rest of th park, starting from the Ferrari Experience building as I wanted to try Flying Dreams but it was out of service so I went to Racing Legends instead. The first room is a giant one shared with Flying Dreams, with an amazing video mapping going on, although the sound had a little bit of reverb. From there, you enter the first pre-show where you can see Enzo Ferrari telling a story about how the brand evolved over the time. In the second pre-show there are a bunch of printed photos on the walls and then you get to doors of each simulator. After leaving your belongings in the compartments behind you where you don't see shit, you sit down, fasten the belt and everything starts. The screen is huge, but that's about it when it comes to positive things. About the rest... the seats are really uncomfortable, the air and water effects are over-exaggerated and the video quality should be much much better nowadays.

I get out of Racing Legends and proceed to try the """Thrill""" Towers. Wrong name, I'd call them "Chill" Towers, because the only thing you can enjoy from them is the view you get. Other than that, they are for children I'd say. At least it was also a walk on.

I went back to Red Force two more times and decided it was time to check if Flying Dreams was already operative. It was, kind of... After the second pre-show we get to the doors that lead to the three floors of the flying theatre and guess what? It gets out of service again and you can see like 5 or 6 technicians running up and down the stairs to repair the ride. It all translated into almost 1 hour lost of my life between I entered and I exited the ride. The seats were extremely comfortable and padded, the air felt like a breeze as it tilts forwards, backwards and towards to the sides like if you really were flying in real life. The water effects, spot on! perfectly coordinated and really smooth, you are gonna have to experience it yourself. Lastly there were also smells like rosemary at some point.

I thought in my head it would be a good idea to take out my camera after that and start recording stuff. I went to the part of Red Force where you stand facing the middle of the structure with the launch at your right and the brakes at your left. I took some photos which you can see in the Ferrari Land page here, but I rapidly started losing the patience as I felt like I could make an aerospace engineering MS while I wait for the train to be launched each time. From that time on, my brain went into "Fuck It" mode.

I realized the acrobatic show was going on but there was ONE person watching it. I can't imagine what the dancers and acrobats think when that happens. It's sad.

At that point it was 12:15 / 12:30 I'm not sure and my intelligent side of spent the rest of the day until Red Force closed at 5 PM riding it non-stop. The final count was 30 times and still loving it like the first time. As a result my body was aching so heavily for the next two days (I think more because of the running), but who cares, no pain no gain. The staff started counting how many times I did every time from the 12th one, as well as one of the security guards in the photoride section. All of them were super friendly, talkative and transmitting a positive vibe, someone should raise their salary for real.

In the middle of that, the coaster got out of service once but they sorted it out in 10 minutes so not a big deal. I also could see how the exchanged one train with another and the rails moving sideways is really awesome to see. Also it did one rollback when I was waiting in the second row door and that's fucking depressing. Every coaster fan wants a rollback, I almost got it, so close that it hurts.

After de 29th ride, they told us that we can make it one last time if we run and get back to the station before they close the queues. So did I, but I almost kill myself haha. We were 4 people in the train and no one more was coming as everything was closed. They have a policy of not launching the train with less than 6 people because if not it would make a rollback, or so we were told. As the staff members couldn't ride the coaster the compensate the empty 2 seats one of the technicians with a gray suit went to the control cabin and told us he was gonna boost the power of the magnets to make the train pass the

Top Hat,

and it really did, in fact it felt three times as fast as with the usual top speed of 180 km/h. When I got back to the station I asked what speed did it reach and they told me 210 km/h. It was insane, 30 km/h less than Formula Rossa! (Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi).

When the park closed I went to Port Aventura and it was almost empty. I only had 3hours left as it closed at 20 PM but I could ride Dragon Khan once, Hurakan Condor twice (one sitting and the other one standing up with a 30º tilt at the top), Shambhala twice as well and Furious Baco four times counting the one in the morning, all of them in the first row.

To sum it up, I was afraid of being disappointed due to the massive amount of bad critics the park received in the past but I really had a blast. The adrenaline was pumping over the edge the whole day, being the aftermath all my muscles aching like hell for two to three days afterwards. Definitely worth the 60€.

PS. Needless to say all the photos were taken by me.