Enter to Fun Spot (both Orlando and Kissimmee) is free. There is no cost for enter, but no riding the rides. 

You can order armbands / tickets to Fun Spot parks in their website with a 10% of discount. 

  • - Over 54" tall the online price is $35.95 + tax /each
  • - Unver 54" tall the online price is $26.95 + tax /each

The annual pass is valid one year from date of activation, and there aren't block out dates. The price is $89.95 / each + taxes. With the annual pass. You will get a 10% off in food and drinks, and a 10% off in family and friends armbands. 

If you purchase an armband after 10:00pm (note that the park closes at 12:00pm) you can re-enter to the same park next day, not removing the armband. 

At the park, you can buy a second armband to use at the other Fun Spot park, for just $20 

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