A world's tallest swing ride has come to New England as on Thursday Six Flags New England unveiled its newest attraction, the New England SkyScreamer.

The New England SkyScreamer "towers over 400 feet in the air and stands twice as tall as any other ride in the park," officials said.

The ride takes up to 24 riders about 40 stories into the air "while spinning round and round at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour," park officials said. Riders will be able to see the Connecticut River and New England skyline.

"We take great pride in opening the ultimate, biggest and most innovative attractions for our guests," said John Winkler, the park president at Six Flags New England, in a statement Thursday.

On Thursday, Eyewitness News was lucky to join members of the United States Air Force and New England Patriot cheerleaders on the inaugural rides of New England SkyScreamer.

The ride opens to season pass holders on Saturday and Sunday and the general public on May 23.

The New England SkyScreamer joins such park attractions as Batman the Dark Knight, Cyclone, Goliath, Mind Eraser and Bizarro.

"The addition of the New England SkyScreamer only enhances our commitment to delivering world-class thrills and attractions to Six Flags New England that we bring every year," Winkler said.