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Paris, Paris, France


"A little gem of a park in the outskirts of Paris"

8.0 uspablo

Finally, after a lot of visits to Paris, we decided to give Parc Asterix a try and spend a day there. And I'm so glad we did! It is a beautifully themed park, with some great attractions.


Parc Asterix is located in the outskirts of Paris. We went with public transport, and it was really easy to get there: first we got a RER to Charles de Gaulle Airport, getting off at the Terminal 1 - Terminal 3 stop. There, we bought the tickets for a bus directly to the park, that only took about 20 minutes to get there. And we used the same transportations to get back to Paris.


OzIris: I had heard a lot of good things about this coaster, and they were all true! Starting by the exterior, with the impressive Egyptian buildings, then the indoor queue: it really is a superbly well themed, full of details and humour, really world class! And then the ride itself: really intense but smooth, for me it rivals with Nemesis as the best inverted coaster that I have tried (and I really really love Nemesis). We rode it twice and I wish we could have managed another go (or another ten!). As with all inverted, first row is always the best.

The theming: I'm not a huge follower of the comics, but I did read some when I was younger, and you feel like you are immersed in the Asterix and Obelix world: all the park is full of little nods and humorous touches to the comics. I really wish we have had more time to properly explore all there was to see (more on this later).

The show in the roman arena: Gaulois - Romains: le Match. I didn't expect much for this show, but how wrong I was! It was funny, entertaining, and original; a superb way of bringing the story of the comics into a "modern" setting without losing its essence and humour. Highly highly recommended!

Tonnerre de Zeus: the wooden coaster, although it was a bit rough, it is really long, and full of airtimes, which is what I love in a woody.

La Trace du Hourra: I really enjoyed this bobsleigh, it was also very long and smooth, and being able to go on first row was amazing.

The food: we had a pizza in Caïus Pizzarium, and it was really tasty, and good for its price. Recommended!


Queues: there were long queues all day. Fortunately, we had a "Pass Rapidus", which allowed us to skip some of them. Otherwise, we probably couldn't have done half the attractions that we did. Other thing about the queues is that only in the major rides you know how long are you going to wait, in the minor ones you get in the queue without knowing if its going to be 5 minutes or an hour. This is why we waited for 45 minutes to ride Le Transdemonium, if we had known the waiting time, we would have done OzIris again instead!

Pass Rapidus: If I understand correctly, this is new for this season, which could explain the way its not really well organized yet: sometimes the Pass Rapidus entrance seemed closed, or there wasn't anybody to check that you actually had the pass.

Le Transdemonium: maybe because we had to wait a long time in the very claustrophobic queue, but I though this ride could do with some upgrading. It didn't match with how good the other rides in the park were.

Opening times: I know this is the case with a lot of European parks, but I wish the park would close later. Closing at 6pm really doesn't give you time to enjoy all the park has to offer, and specially if it has long queues: we would have loved to see some more shows, or ride the water attractions, or meet the characters, or browse the shops; but we just didn't have the time.


I'm happy that we finally decided to give Asterix a go: it is a great park, with first-class theming, good shows, very good attractions, and the amazing OzIris. If you go to Paris, it's a must-do!

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Attractions 8

Gastronomy 10

Theming 10

Maintenance 8

Customer service 10